Do you know that according to an indicator of the European Economic Commission, in Poland there are more cars per 1000 inhabitants than in France, Norway or Great Britain? Interestingly, in the 90s we were at the other end of the scale. Today, we are among the leaders of the statement and it’s hard not to notice.


Certainly, each of you has experienced the irritation of trying to find a parking space. We usually have little time for it: someone is waiting for us, the event has started, the doctor’s appointment is approaching, and we are circling the surrounding streets and …

Sounds familiar, right? Remind yourself now, how many times has searching for a place to park a car caused not only irritation but also unnecessary stress and even quarrels. In addition think about how all the minutes lost could be better spent.

The idea of MODULO parking systems is born

That’s how the idea of creating MODULO Parking Systems was born: futuristic products that are bolder in the market. When we started working on the first System two years ago, we were interested how our proposal would be received by the market. In addition to fears, however, we had much more enthusiasm and conviction about how much the parking industry needs to be revolutionized. We spent precious time on every product for months on end with excellent facilities for designers and constructors to produce something truly special. First, the Twin was created – ideal for individual users and their home parking lots. Then came the time for more Systems – dependent and independent. The first were tested by our valued employees and their feedback taken on board. The Multi system tower stood right next to our factory, where production first begun. Today, after almost three years, we offer 8 systems in total all available for adjustments to individual client requirements.

Parking System MODULO TWIN

The indicator at the beginning, which determines the number of cars in a given country per 1000 inhabitants, according to recent data, was 539. It is worth adding that in the UK it was 465, and for Germany 548. It can be assumed that the index will grow. The problem with finding a place is not only limited to the city also you garden with bigger families and smaller spaces. More and more families have two or even three cars. Hence, a large number of inquiries about the possibility of adjusting the car park to the surrounding home space (we answer: you can – but more on that later!).

We hope that this has given you at least bit of interest in the world of MODULO Parking Systems and you will be visit here more often for what is next to come.