The LS series are products for special tasks, offering the greatest possibility of adjusting the number of parking spaces to the customer needs. In selected configurations, thanks to the possibility of installation of sliding gates and full automation, is not necessary to exit the vehicle to recall the assigned parking platform (this can be done, for example, with an individual remote controller). The system can be expanded both vertically and horizontally and cover floors from -1 to even +4. This is the most universal of our products. Thanks to the speed of operation, control pilots and the possibility of adjustment any quantity of parking spaces, the system is suitable for many different projects. Both for the case of residential investments and as multi-storey parking lots in a company or public building.



MODULO LS duplicates parking spaces independently. Each parking space may have its own individual remote control, which protects it against unauthorized use. The device can operate automatically – without having to get out of the vehicle to recall the place assigned to the user.