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The product portfolio of MODULO includes as many as 10 different Parking Systems that are constantly evolving and thereby extending the product range. It’s a perfect solution to deficient parking spaces in cities and a recipe for additional space for parking in single-family housing. The universal structure of MODULO parking platforms enables them to become an integral part of a building or a completely independent free–standing facility.

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In our products we use plate steel, free of any bends and recesses. This ensures high quality, strength, less dirt and a better grip to the surface, even when wearing high heels.

Our own design and technology, materials used for production and galvanization of all metal elements makes Modulo Systems resistant to weather conditions and ensures a long product life.




Thanks to individual hydraulics, every platform can be operated at the same time. We also provide each platform with a key and our specially designed system does not allow removal of the key when the platform is being operated, ensuring that it will not stop in the middle of the cycle.


As standard, all of our parking platforms are equipped with dual hydraulic protection. Specially designed valves and fuses guarantee that even with loss of power or pressure the platform will not drop down.


Our parking platforms are produced in Poland in our factory located 20km from our head office in Bydgoszcz. Our engineers carefully monitor every step of production and the quality check procedures ensuring the best product possible. Our high standards and requirements also result in a very strict selection of suppliers meaning we work only with the best ensuring the shortest possible lead time.

Additionally, we also tailor our products to your customers specific needs and provide an individual approach on every project knowing every project is different.

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