MODULO SLIDE is a system based on automatic sliding pallets. Unlike other products, MODULO does not offer parking in the system one above the other, but it allows you to automate parking on a given surface, excluding situations such as incorrectly parked vehicles or collisions in the parking lot. It is also a significant saving of space because automatic platforms moving along a predetermined route require much less space for maneuvering. This system is ideal in places where it is impossible to install a tower system due to the limited height or the requirements of the surrounding infrastructure. In the case of MODULO SLIDE, there are any number of configurations (number and length of pallets or width of rails).



The MODULO SLIDE system multiplies parking spaces in buildings where the ability to construct an access lane is limited. The devices are comprised of a structure and a power supply.The device includes power supply.

Correct car position is adjusted by means of moveable buffer system on the parking platform. Each control panel has an emergency switch used to stop the device in hazardous situations.


We provide access to full technical documentation and user manuals for users of our systems. We also provide maintenance services and access to the required components.



The steel structure is protected against corrosion by design. In addition, electric and hydraulic power units are equipped with their own protection devices that ensure the safety of parked cars.



We guarantee fully stable operation of the System in the temperature range from -30˚C to + 50˚C. The system is resistant to dust and water, additionally car parks with pits are equipped with a collecting pit and a water drainage system.


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