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SINGLE and DUAL PLATFORMS parking systems are very convenient solutions. The DUAL version allows you to park up to four cars at the same time, and the entry and exit of each of them is not dependent in any way on the others. The system using a small surface allows you to easily double the number of available parking spaces without the need to extend the building up. There are many height variants available – even for vehicles with a height of 2 m. The system is dedicated to all garage halls and underground garages. This is the best solution in places where the depth of the excavation or the height of the room does not limit us.



The MODULO PLATFORMS parking system is a device that multiplies parking spaces in an independent manner. The device is comprised of: load–bearing structure, hydraulic system with a hydraulic power unit, and electrical system. Each device is equipped with an individual control panel. As particular devices have been assigned individual keys, they cannot be turned on by unauthorised persons.

Correct car position is adjusted by means of moveable buffer system on the parking platform. Each control panel has an emergency switch used to stop the device in hazardous situations.


We provide access to full technical documentation and user manuals for users of our systems. We also provide maintenance services and access to the required components.



The steel structure is protected against corrosion by design. In addition, electric and hydraulic power units are equipped with their own protection devices that ensure the safety of parked cars.



We guarantee fully stable operation of the System in the temperature range from -30˚C to + 50˚C. The system is resistant to dust and water, additionally car parks with pits are equipped with a collecting pit and a water drainage system.


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