The structure of this series of platforms, based on the delicate slant of the lower platform, allows you to double the parking spaces in the garage, while maintaining adequate space in relation to the height of a specific parking space. Parker-S is intended mainly for those investments where we have limitations related to the ceiling height or the depth of the basin. The Parker-S100 variant allows to minimize the depth of the socket, while the Parker-S110 variant allows to minimize the ceiling height in the garage.


The MODULO PARKER series of products independently duplicates parking spaces. The device consists of: load-bearing structure, hydraulic system with a hydraulic unit and electrical system. Each device has an individual control panel which, thanks to the assigned key, is protected against unauthorized use. There is also an emergency switch on each control panel, which allows you to stop the device in case of danger.

Avalible device variants:


A model that allows to minimize the depth of the pit for the device..

Parking platform Modulo Parker-S100


A model that allows to minimize the height of the garage ceiling.

Parking platform Modulo Parker-S110