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Our offer currently includes as many as 8 different Parking Systems adjusted to the needs of individual users and commercial customers alike. Universal design of MODULO car parks makes them able to become an integral part of a building or to be a completely independent standalone device. Each of our Systems can be extended by adding accessories improving comfort and safety: security cameras, parking sensors, charging stations for electrical cars, additional usable space for tire storage, or bike racks.
Our Parking Systems are basically subdivided into independent systems – enabling any parked car to drive out irrespective of other cars, and dependent systems, offered primarily to individual users – where the ability of the second car to drive out depends on prior departure of the first car.
MODULO Automated Parking Systems are an entirely original solution.Carefully selected hydraulic components and advanced electronic systems make our platforms easy and intuitive in operation and provide comfort and safety for both the user and the parked cars.


The car parked on the upper platform can drive out as soon as the car parked below has driven out.


Each of the parked cars can drive out whether or not the other platforms are occupied.

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