Why is it worth choosing MODULO Parking Platforms? In addition to the reasons mentioned most often, related to the possibility of parking at least two cars in one parking space, it is worth taking a closer look at the technical aspects.

The platform is also distinguished by a non-slip flat entry to the platform made of non-slip diamond blade plate. Entering the platform is smoother, faster and less stressful for new users. Thanks to the anti-slip properties, the tires do not slip even at low speeds. In our parking systems, the platforms do not have a transverse or longitudinal curb. A uniform, flat surface is much easier to keep clean. And a clean platform will surely last longer and resist corrosion. Such structure of the platform is also a big advantage due to the durability of the expensive suspension of our car. The resistance to external factors is increased also thanks to the hot-dip galvanized structure after mechanical treatment. In contrast to pre-galvanized components, they are less susceptible to corrosion. All this makes the product durable and its operating costs are significantly reduced.

Convenience and safety of parking platforms

Parking platforms are often used several times a day. Therefore, using them should be not only functional, but also safe and as comfortable as possible. One of the solutions that distinguishes MODULO is the use of a diamond blade plate on the surface of the platform. This type of cover has high anti-slip properties, and at the same time is free from large unevenness. Thanks to this, getting out or entering the car is safe and comfortable in all footwear. The uniform, flat surface largely eliminates the risk of dangerous tripping, falling or twisting the limbs.

Intuitive operation of the parking platform

Panel sterujący platformy parkingowej MODULO Slope

Control panel of the MODULO SLOPE

The control panel with which the platforms are equipped has illuminated buttons that inform the user about the status of the device using two colours. This is particularly important in large garage halls, where many systems with dispersed positions are in operation, and in smaller facilities where the construction of a garage is irregular or complicated. Increased intuitiveness of operation also allows to avoid unnecessary downtime and mistakes resulting from  mischoice of the direction of movement.

Safety is an advantage that seems particularly important in everyday use of the platforms. The barriers in MODULO systems have more than twice the stiffness than the solutions popular on the market, exceeding the requirements of EN 14010.

As you can see, the use of parking platforms is very convenient and intuitive. Is it complicated? To find out, please read our previous post.