Have you heard the joke: what should a boss do if he wants employees to always be at work on time? Provide 10 parking spaces less than the number of employees … J. Certainly, for many of you, having in mind the daily battle for parking spaces, it is no joke at all. It is hardly surprising.

Jokes aside, employers are always looking for ways to improve employees working conditions and with MODULO Independent Parking systems this daily battle can become a thing of the past.



System Parkingowy MODULO PLATFORMS w wersji DUAL

MODULO PLATFORMS Parking System (Dual version)

SINGLE and DUAL PLATFORM parking systems are a very convenient solution. The DUAL version allows you to park up to four cars at the same time, and the entry and exit of each of them is not dependent in any way on the other cars. The system using a small surface allows you to easily double the number of available parking spaces without the need to extend the building. There are many height variants available – even for vehicles with a height of up to 2m. The system is dedicated to all outdoor and underground garages and this is the best solution in places where the depth of the excavation or the height of the room does not limit us.



System Parkingowy MODULO SLOPE w wersji DUAL

MODULO SLOPE Parking System (Dual version)

The construction of this system, based on the delicate slant of the lower platform, allows you to double parking spaces in the garage whilst keeping the appropriate space in relation to the height of a specific parking space. This is particularly important for underground car parks with a limited height. Like MODULO PLATFORMS, it is dedicated to underground garages, however, it is mainly intended for those investments in which we have limitations related to the height of the roof or the depth of the basin (e.g. in a case when groundwater prevents deep excavations). We also save here at the height of the building itself, which we can develop for the next storey.



System Parkingowy MODULO TWIN w wersji DUAL

MODULO TWIN Parking System (Dual version)

MODULO TWIN is an independent system designed primarily for individual users and home parking lots. If you have two cars and want to save space, this is the perfect solution for you. Thanks to the fact that the structure is completely hidden under ground, any arrangement of the upper platform is possible, so that it is a uniform surface with the area around it. This makes the parking place perfectly fit into the surroundings becoming virtually invisible, even possibly becoming a fragment of an access road.



System Parkingowy MODULO MULTI - przykładowe konfiguracje na 9 i 25 samochodów

Parking System MODULO MULTI – example configurations for 9 and 25 cars

The MODULO MULTI system is an ideal solution for buildings that require many parking spaces, dedicated to long-term parking, such as sports stadiums, railway stations and airports. It allows for any configuration of parking spaces and their number can be tailored to individual customer needs. The system expands both vertically and horizontally, which allows you to park two or even five cars using the surface of a single, traditional parking space. It’s the perfect solution in a city building where only one entry point is available. Interestingly, MULTI will also work great inside a residential building. Due to the lack of chains and gears it is very quiet and also a very efficient use of space with one system supplying up to 25 parking spaces.